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We promote the health and well-being of children at the Tynings through high quality physical activity and health education which enhances fitness, competance, skill development and life-long enjoyment of physical activity. Our goal is to support children in understanding the role that teamwork, communication and leadership play in becoming succesful sportspeople and the importance of having an active and healthy lifestyle. 


At The Tynings, we encourage and support children in becoming both physically and mentally active and healthy. We encourage and support children in engaging in a range of activities such as yoga, dance, basketball and much more. 

Children are given opportunities to learn, practice and apply skills and are also given opportunities to challenge themselves during their PE lessons. Teamwork and good sportsmanship are encouraged, and children are given opportunities for sport leadership.

In both KS1 and KS2, children recieve 2 hours a week of compulsory Physical Activity lessons. Alongside this, we also have DPA (Daily Physical Activity) sessions which can be up to 20 minutes long, daily. DPA promotes a love of being active and encourages children to stay fit and healthy by providing them with daily opportunities to be active both mentally and physically. DPA sessions can be anything the class feels they need or would like at any point in their day. It can be a yoga, stretch or mindfulness session or it can be a team game, dancing or running session. It can also link to anything they are learning. For example, when learning about the life cycle of a flower in Year 1, their DPA sessions involved yoga positions to make the structure of a flower with their bodies. 



Every Tuesday and Thursday, Bristol Sport Coaches deliver high quality sports coaching and lessons to a range of year groups. During this time, children are given opportunities to learn, develop and apply new skills to a sports game or activity. 

At the Tynings, we encourage children to be as physically active as they can be and encourage them to be curious and try sports and activities that may be new to them. Every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime, Bristol Sport coaches run 'Taster sessions' where children in KS2 can access the hall space during their lunchtime and learn and play a range of sports including dodgeball, badminton, archery, cricket and many more. These taster sessions are run by our fabulous Bristol Sports coaches. 



At The Tynings, we run a range of after school clubs from mindfulness club to our athletics club - there is something for everyone! The clubs available change every term and many coincide with the sporting events and competitions we have coming up in the school calendar. We attend a range of competitions and events including the indoor sportshall athletics, the MaD Olympiad, tag rugby festivals, Netball competitions and we have opportynuites to attend many stay and play events. 

The Tynings Primary Covid Contingency Plan - Nov 2021

21 Oct 2021

Please click here for our updated Covid Contingency Plan - Nov 2021
Updated Covid Contingency Plan - Nov 2021

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